Church Planting

Our broader vision for Greece is to see the establishment of new churches. Through the training of new workers, and in partnership with the local body of believers, we desire to see the existing churches revived and new healthy churches being established. The Greek Bible College is the ideal launching pad for future church planting efforts.

We view the planting of new churches as the ideal means of evangelism and expansion of the existing churches. By creating new environments for worship, we welcome non-believers to experience God with us, and we foster opportunities for growth for new believers in Christ.

In the recent past, we had the opportunity to experience firsthand the challenges and blessings of church planting, by establishing the Greek Community Church of Chicago. We are grateful to the Lord for these experiences, which are sure to become invaluable as we launch our ministry in Greece.

In connection to church planting and church growth, we wish to develop the idea of small group Bible studies for training and discipleship. In Greece, doing ministry through small groups is a novel idea.

Our specific objectives as to the broader vision of church planting:

  • Teach the value and necessity of church planting to Greek Bible College students
  • Share the vision of church planting with local pastors and leaders
  • Partner with the local body of believers towards the planting of new healthy churches
  • Provide training for potential church planters
  • Develop small group Bible studies for training and discipleship in the local churches