We’re glad you stopped by! Through the pages of this site, we invite you to learn more about us, about the country of Greece, about our ministry through biblical training and church planting, and about ways you can partner with us.

Jesus talked about a spiritual food (John 4:32), the production of which involves both sowing and reaping, and results to the gathering of fruit for eternal life (4:36). In his interaction with the Samaritan woman, Jesus tasted this food (4:34) and commissioned the disciples to a similar harvest (4:38). He told them to lift up their eyes and see that the fruit is ripe and ready for harvest (4:35).

The purpose of this website is to relate our eagerness to taste this spiritual food. We would like to introduce to you the particular field of Greece in which God has called us, as well as the work of sowing and reaping that is involved in producing the fruit.

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