Why Greece?

  • Greece is one of the most unreached countries in Europe, with less than 0.2% of the population having a personal relationship with Christ
  • Greece has about 11,000,000 people that need to be exposed to the truth of the gospel
  • The Greek Orthodox Church, the state religion, has lost her credibility and faithfulness to the gospel
  • Atheism is on the rise, affecting the younger generation
  • The current financial and ethical crisis in Greece is softening the ground for the gospel
  • The evangelical movement in Greece hurts from insufficient theological training and shortage of national workers



  • We sense God’s calling for Greece and have a burden for the spiritual awakening of the Greek people
  • Being Greek ourselves, we have a knowledge of the Greek language and culture and can communicate the gospel clearly
  • We have been exposed to the spiritual needs of Greece and have a good relationship with the local church body


Our ministry focus in Greece: